Aston Beck is a bespoke consultancy which helps leaders of major organisations respond to commercial and operational challenges.

All of our team have extensive experience of operational and/or programme leadership, and many are ex 'big-four' consultants. We've all done the job, reflected on how it could be done better or how it needs to be done differently as the world changes.

Our success is helping you succeed, and doing so discreetly.

The Senior Team

David Seacombe

David Seacombe

David leads Client Engagement for Aston Beck and ensures that clients get the outcomes they need and the value they expect.

This is often a response to market disruption or advancing technology, with a focus on the leadership needed to change corporate behaviour.

David is passionate about working with the Execs of what might be termed 'traditional' businesses, those who have, whether they realise it ir not, a very functional command and control approach to running an organisation, and aren't confident in pivoting to a cross-functional capability and genuinely empowering their staff to become wholly customer centric.

David has a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction, which is particularly relevant to the increased focus on digital systems of engagement.  He has led many transformation initiatives, and eloquently describes the art of the possible; drawing on a depth of experience to advise clients on their journey.

Jason Redding

Jason Redding

Jason specialises in the shaping and delivery of large and complex change programmes, particularly those involving digital transformation.

With over 20 years of consulting experience he has worked with clients across the public and private sectors.  He has expertise in programme direction, business process improvement and redesign, change management, stakeholder engagement, and benefits realisation.

He is also widely experienced in sourcing, selection and commercial/contract negotiation, usually from the client-side.

Jason has excellent relationship building and stakeholder management skills, and is able to develop immediate trust and credibility with clients at all levels of the organisation.

About Aston Beck

Founded in 2008, we are passionate about delivering value for our clients and are able to deploy teams with the right blend of skills and experience to each assignment. We offer accomplished consultants, with practical experience within the public, private and third sectors.

The wider benefits of using Aston Beck include:

  • Talented team – to quickly action complex or sensitive challenges.  We don’t flood the client with junior staff, but deliver as expected, then leave. We work in an ethical manner, as trusted partners.
  • Assured outcome – our people match the best available in the market place. Nevertheless, unlike contractor resource, Aston Beck resources are backed up by the full range of capabilities throughout the organisation, and oversight from our own consulting engagement leaders.
  • Value – our smaller size means that all assignments are of utmost importance to us and have our complete attention. We focus on delivering a meaningful business outcome, taking a wider responsibility to ‘make it happen’ rather than just delivering the solution components.
  • Confidence – we have the experience and track record in delivering similar assignments and managing similar issues to a satisfactory conclusion.

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