We've made careers by delivering one successful assignment after another, and the very nature of what's asked of us means that we have to be nimble, work in strange corners of the office and wrestle with major intellectual challenges.  

As you might expect we come ready-equipped with our own laptops, phones, collaboration and communication tools, and super-fast connectivity.  That makes us perfectly placed to work remotely until it's safe for your office to open again.

In fact Aston Beck is a 'designed virtual' company that is used to taking instruction and delivering outcomes for global organisations. We are always working with stakeholders and participants in varied locations and time-zones, so Slack and Zoom are our tools of choice.

We believe that work is a state of mind, not necessarily a place you go.

Right now, we appreciate that you may need to focus on survival rather than transformational initiatives.  The essence of what we do is to do the right thing and to do it right.  We can help you do the right thing, right now.

If you need someone to do the heavy thinking, and work out what steps you need to take - from first principles - or take on a sensitive staffing matter, then may we humbly put ourselves at your service?

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