Business Challenge – In recent times, 70% of revenue for this Precious Metals company has come from its manufacture of automotive catalytic convertors in 16 factories around the world. The move to battery and hydrogen power for vehicles necessitated a major change in business approach.
  • Our Role in the Solution – Our consultant worked with the Sector Finance Leadership Team to transition to a new finance operating model, both in the manufacturing plants and at Sector HQ. This involved verifying the activities currently performed and working closely with those impacted, mainly at manufacturing plant level, to guide them to new ways of working.
  • The Outcome – The new operating model design removed organisational layers, standardised roles and titles, and based roles on a process taxonomy. Activities that were not needed, or which added no value were removed. The new organisational structure was consulted on with workers councils/unions, as local law required. Individuals at risk of redundancy were consulted with, and helped to find new roles. Vacancies were filled by selection or external applicants. Leaders were coached in leading change, and each plant was the subject of an extensive business readiness activity to better embed the revised working practices.
  • Achievements – Operational cost savings were made, but more importantly a new clarity existed on who did what, when. Individuals better knew what their co-workers did, not only in their own plant, but in other plants. Month End reporting became significantly more timely and accurate, and business partnering with Plant Managers had a new confidence.

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