Business Challenge - After one data loss and complaint too many to the Information Commissioner, a formal Adequacy Audit was conducted and the Council found to be under-performing. Changes in a large number of Data Protection Act and related areas were indicated and the Council recognised it did not have in-house capacity or capability to mange the cultural, process and systems changes required. This was at the same time as the Commissioner was granted new enforcement powers to include large financial and custodial penalties.
  • Our Role in the Solution - We provided a senior leader with the ability to work with multiple stakeholders in a complex operating and regulatory environment to recommend and effect significant transformation.
  • The Outcome - The Commissioner was satisfied that significant improvements were made in key areas.
  • Achievements - More significantly, a better service is being provided to the County residents, at lower internal cost to the organisation, through revised ways of working, process redesign and configuration, the introduction of new processes and a major e-learning programme. The Council estimates it has saved significant sums as a result of the changes to new procedures.

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