Business Challenge - Advancing digital capability led our client County Council to establish their Change for Children programme, to meet the requirements of Every Child Matters and also to achieve significant cost savings. A focus of the programme was in improving cross-agency working and enabling service delivery as close to the frontline was possible.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant trained and developed a number of client staff in digital transformation leadership and led the design of a number of key frontline processes. We also contributed to the design of the new organisation.
  • The Outcome - A new organisation was designed that provided for local service delivery teams across the county, each covering a range of core disciplines. New processes were designed for these teams, including escalation routes into specialist services and how the teams should co-work with other agencies.
  • Achievements - The new local teams facilitated multi-agency working thus enabling the early identification of children requiring support and intervention. Earlier intervention would reduce the caseload of the more specialist services, allowing them to focus on those children with the greatest need.

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