Business Challenge -  A leading University Partnerships organisation specialises in building deeply embedded partnerships that enable universities to achieve their internationalisation ambitions. The universities bring academic rigor and expertise in teaching and learning. Our client provides sector-leading market knowledge, specialist education investment and operational excellence, enabling partner universities to project their brands on a scale that is simply not possible to achieve alone. Every year, our client helps almost 14,000 students from 150 countries and territories around the world achieve their dream of studying overseas. Nevertheless, our client faced a continuing challenge to connect with potential students, either directly or through education agents. An opportunity arose to make the strategic purchase of a technology company which owned and operated several websites with which to attract students to university courses.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant was asked to work with the M&A advisor to perform a complete due diligence on the technology, people and processes used by the target acquisition to provide its services - all of which were digital offerings across a number of public websites.  Whilst the focus was on technology, the whole business was based on technology, so our consultant’s lines of enquiry were wide ranging.
  • The Outcome - A thorough evaluation of the acquisition target was undertaken, fully respecting the sensitivity of the situation. Our report commented on Products & Services, Customers, Staff, Data, Documentation, Systems, Infrastructure, Backup & Restore, Security, Compliance, Agreements with Third Parties, IP
  • Achievements - The outcome was a prime input to understanding the value of the target organisation, the likely commercial development opportunities, and how the target could be incorporated in the client’s business plan.  Commercial negotiation opened on time.

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