Business Challenge - Our client had a large IT function spread over multiple global locations, with a very poor reputation for capability and for internal customer service.  There was only a vague understanding of its staffing and organisational structure and a similarly unclear view of the costs of its staff and the cost of infrastructure and suppliers.  A new CEO and a new COO demanded change.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant was asked to support and mentor the Global IT Director.  There was an immediate need to identify who worked in IT and how they were paid.  There was also an imperative to understand the different roles that should exist to provide a basic capability.   Notwithstanding the current  inadequacies, the business needed to press ahead with improvements, so our consultant planned and led the strategic initiatives.  Exec reporting was put in place and data collected so that decisions could be made on a reasonable basis.  Our consultant also worked across the Global  IT Leadership acted as confidant to the Global IT Director.
  • The Outcome - A thorough review of the activities and personnel performing IT was undertaken for all regions, and a revised organisation was proposed, accepted and then implemented. A Master Staffing Tracker was created, which was based on Establishment  Headcount, and which identified the person currently in post and their salary. Organisation Charts were created.  Matters affecting resignation and recruitment were identified and mitigated.  Multiple other matters relating to the business management of an organisation with a ££10s million turnover were addressed daily.
  • Achievements -  IT operations became visible and transparent.  Reporting became based on reliable information allowing accurate communication and more effective decision making and communication. The organisation stabilised, and started to become respected again,  ready to transform to a customer-centric agile organisation. Costs reduced by £Ms pa.

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