Business Challenge - One of the world’s largest integrated transport authorities has, as might be imagined, a significant annual spend on technology and IT services to the rest of the organisation. Over time, and through consolidation of different organisations, it has amassed a hugely complicated technology estate. With a looming transition from government agency to commercial organisation, it needed to better understand its cost base, and its ability to provide the technology and associated services into the coming years.
  • Our Role in the Solution - This was an intensely political assignment.  Our consultant accepted the challenge, knowing full well that 6 previous Programme Directors had failed.  Our role, in essence, boiled down to trying to implement the existing plan, whilst determining if it was ever going to be successful. In parallel, we saw value in pressing ahead with creating or refreshing a number of strategic sourcing frameworks and in completing several enabling programmes.
  • The Outcome - Ultimately, we judged that the programme could never deliver its goals, given the way it was set up in such a complex, politically charged environment, and moved to stop the spend. Several smaller successes provided some compensation.
  • Achievements -  Our consultant lead a team of 50 people, to deliver recognised benefit at 5x its cost. The programme came to a controlled close.

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