Business Challenge - The programme to deliver High and Low Value payments to new countries in EMEA, ASP & LATAM had been failing for c.18 months due to the complexity of the chosen product and a lack of clearly defined requirements and a lack of dedicated support from the platform vendor.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant was the Head of Architecture and Design tasked with building a new team, delivering the requirements, defining the implementation strategy and building rapport with the vendor to roll out the platform across the globe.
  • The Outcome - The whole engagement model with the vendor was changed to expedite the requirements of the Bank.  The test strategy was revised and in-house developers trained on site to support the gap in the vendor capability.
  • Achievements - Hugely successful delivery of the product to 20 countries in EMEA, APAC & LATAM sequentially within 18 months.  Our client became the vendor’s flagship client,  overtaking other banks who had had a 5 year head start.

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