Business Challenge - The programme had the objectives of seamlessly merging the customers and services of both banks onto the best-of-breed banking and accounting platforms in each bank. This initiative would enable economies of scale and reduce the total cost of ownership of the IT stack.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant was the Business Unit Architect for all projects within the merger programme: responsible for the overarching functional and non-functional requirements, and all system analysis; with a key role in developing the migration strategy.
  • The Outcome - The New Bank requirements were defined along with the as-is and to-be process documentation. The target Banking and Accounting platforms were identified together with the Migration strategy and the definition of the new Settlement and Clearings model for the new bank with the BoE.
  • Achievements - Successful delivery of what at the time was the largest bank merger in the UK. The activities, resources and processes to enable the Migration were clearly defined and planned to enable a smooth transition of responsibilities and ownership. Redundant systems were identified and decommissioned.

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