Business Challenge -  This major media organisation embarked upon an ambitious programme to consolidate multiple locations into a new flagship building in central London, whilst also implementing different ways of working, challenging the existing culture and introducing flexible working practices.  Landlords of the current premises threatened heavy penalties if their properties weren’t vacated on time.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant led a large team on the technology fit-out of the building, working with the prime contractor’s representative and starting soon after the concrete had set. A governance structure with a decision-making process was put in place. Contracts for multiple different services had to be specified and let, and then each successful supplier had to install their products.  Workstreams included connectivity to fibre-optic cables in the street, whole building network infrastructure, cabling to desks, 1700 Macs & PCs, printers, two data centres, a completely new corporate telephony solution, state of the art audio-visual meeting rooms, education cinema, recording studio, podcast studio etc. Our consultant was also responsible for a programme of learning to introduce new behaviours in the new working environment.
  • The Outcome - Our consultant directed multiple technology and building related workstreams to a very satisfactory outcome. He also worked with the corporate communications team and over 70 move champions from across the business to ensure that the people aspects of change were fully recognised and contributed to meeting the strategic aim.
  • Achievements - The relocation completed on time, against the early odds and to the delight of the Executive.  Staff moved into the new building in a tightly choreographed pattern, with no interruption to the daily cycle of publishing a newspaper.  No penalties were incurred for late departure from previous offices.

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Aston Beck has managed the following aspects of fitting out an office building …

Technical Fit-out – structured data cabling through to desk; power distribution to floor and computer room; location and mounting for wireless access points and plasma screens; generator and UPS commissioning; mobile phone signal booster.

Networks – implementation of secure, resilient Metropolitan, Wide and Local Area wired networks & wireless networks; negotiation of wayleaves; migration of existing offices and other buildings onto the new network; removal of the old network; transition to a managed service with SLAs.

Information Security –authentication of the network at the network port; 802.1x authentication of network-attached devices; virtualised networks for different classes of Users and Guests; server DMZs; access lists; spam and anti-virus protection; content filtering; business continuity.

Data Centres – specification, fit-out and commissioning of Tier 3 data centres in multiple locations; the movement of servers between locations; liaison with multiple transit providers.

Telephony – dual-parented resilient carrier fibre-optic  lines; IPT for desktops and meeting rooms; PC based soft-phones for remote users; complex call routing and team grouping programming; call centre set up and operation; on-demand  call recording; specialist multi-media telephony solutions; analogue exchange lines for building services such as security alarms & fire protection.

Audio Visual –IPTV delivered to plasma screens and staff desktops, controlled centrally and viewed or recorded via a PC or Mac interface; state of the art meeting room functionality including presentation media, audio & video conferencing, video streaming and mood lighting controlled through a single user control panel; interactive room booking management system; board rooms and event rooms;  media walls and public area television;  company wide digital signage; podcasting and broadcast quality multimedia studios.

Desktops – Managed roll out of devices covering all main operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux); multi-function devices with ‘follow-me’ printing  –  including copying, faxing and scanning ability; analogue fax and stand-alone printers.  Asset management and deployment utilising standard build, group policy, virtual desktop or bespoke installation.

Integration – design of a model office to test that all technology works when connected to the network, in a representative environment before widespread rollout and confirmation of the User move date.

User Interaction - Communication, FAQs, presentations; visits and building induction, careful assessment of each User’s IT application needs; comfort testing of existing applications on the new infrastructure; training in the use of the wider technology introduced.

Relocation – careful planning of the myriad needs of Users before, during and after departmental moves, including the relocation of essential technology which is retained in the new location, and assurance that new technology is usable from Day 1.   Liaison with the removal company who move personal effects.

Decommissioning – the removal of old Servers, PCs, Macs, printers, plotters, faxes, plasma screens and the technical detritus of out of date consumables and parts in IT stores.  All items are disposed of in a socially responsible manner or given to nominated charities.

Support – set up of workplace, operational and IT helpdesks to answer queries and resolve problems; floor-walking on site around the move dates to provide assurance and instant response.

Back of House Services – technology for post room & courier hut, parcel scanning, cash machine & restaurant tills.

Front of House Services – technology for security cameras and access control, entry passes and guest network access at Reception, telephone switchboard & room booking.

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