Business Challenge -  This company turned over £350m pa acting as a booking agent for holiday accommodation.  A Supreme Court judgment in favour of the company - finding that VAT is payable at the point of supply rather than the point of booking - together with market movement and an altered commercial landscape demanded a significant operational response to protect and augment its trading.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Reporting to the CEO & CFO, our consultant reviewed a dozen different aspects of company operations and led discussion on a future operating model. A proposal and plan was then put forward to the holding company’s Exec Board. On approval our consultant then led the work to implement wide-ranging operational change, with operational oversight of outsourced daily operational and customer service functions back into the company, and supported B2B trading activities.
  • The Outcome - Operational focus was restored, and clear instruction given and implemented on how the business should conduct all aspects of its commercial activities. Significant effort was put into how B2B agents, hoteliers and end consumers were communicated with.
  • Achievements - The terms of trade were successfully updated and associated business operations changed to suit the new way of working. Revenue was protected.

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