Business Challenge - Poor trading conditions prompted the need to improve margin on four of our client's major programmes. It was felt that these large programmes had similar, duplicated functions which could be combined to release margin improvements.
  • Our Role in the Solution - A small team was placed to investigate margin leakage, report on the suitability (and potential savings) of a shared service function and deliver a plan of action. Subsequently two of the twenty initiatives identified were selected to be led externally, one of these focused on organisational re-design of the Service Management function as a shared service across multiple programmes, the other provided for revised financial control.
  • The Outcome - £20 million savings were identified and a plan was delivered with specific recommendations for re-organisation [towards a shared service environment] within the service management function.
  • Achievements - The theory of 'shared service' was proved in financial terms and, later, go-ahead given to recognise the savings revealed. Financial control was improved within the management hierarchy. Within the process, additional (instant) savings were identified which more than paid for the investigation.

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