Business Challenge - The Operational Excellence Programme was initiated to drive efficiency improvements and improve the experience of the company's major customers.
  • Our Role in the Solution - Our consultant led a team to investigate a number of known issues to enable some quick wins for the programme to drive early benefits and to generate momentum. Our consultant also designed the wider programme, developing the approach and methodology, designing the governance arrangements; agreeing the responsibilities of the programme's senior management and engaging key stakeholders.
  • The Outcome - The quick wins were tackled through a combination of initial quantitative analysis followed by revising processes. New measures were put in place to ensure the effectiveness of the change. The programme design and methodology was accepted and carried forward by the client.
  • Achievements - The quick win activities resolved a number of customer issues, improving response times and reducing rework. Ownership and commitment was achieved for the core programme, resources were dedicated and the anticipated results in terms of improved customer experience were achieved.

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