We specialise in helping our business friends in large companies respond to commercial imperatives and create sustainable value.

Having seen how traditional ways of working are becoming less relevant, we have developed strategies to help companies on their transformation journey to cope with market disruption and to embrace the new digital world. We do this by focusing on the strong and positive leadership necessary to change how a company is operationally structured, such that it becomes customer-centric.

Our approach enables firms to maximise their return on investment in behavioural and technology-driven change, by enabling leadership and other conditions critical for success.

Our  Service

We listen to our engager - typically a CxO or direct report - to understand their need or opportunity.  We provide a summary of our understanding, including some possible ideas and an approach to move forward.  If you like what you have heard and seen, then we can talk about next steps.

Our focus is helping you come to terms with, plan for and execute on the organisational, behavioural and technical changes that your company needs to make.

We do this from experience and confidence, knowing that we have been in your shoes before, and wanting to help you succeed with the challenges of running a major organisation whilst the world is changing.

We aren't going to say that we are experts in strategy or supply chain management or organisational redesign or IT or staff wellbeing or ... the 101 disciplines that make a good company great. We do say that we know what needs to be done, for its own transformational sake and to demonstrate your leadership; we are experts in enterprise architecture, technology, process, data and customer engagement and organisational change. We know how to work with you, to pull these different skills into a balanced, coherant whole.

Digital transformation is the realisation that all of these elements, and more, must be done. We know how it can be shaped into an initiative that can be backed by you and your leadership team. We have the vision and the mental roadmap; we are the super-connectors who can get the right people from around your company doing the right job at the right time.

Your new organisation will have a dynamic future, plugging into and accessing new ecosystems, forging new and different alliances, rehaping how your people work together and reconfiguring the value you deliver. Your company will have a new found agility and the resilience to cope with every challenge.

Value creation is the reason, driver and measure of our work - in our engagement with you, and in the outcome for your company