Obviously you need a computer, ideally a laptop for portability. You may not have much choice if your company’s IT department makes the decision for you, on this or any other piece of kit. But let’s but that aside for now, and set out what you’d want if you were in control.

You are either a PC/Windows or Mac person, so that’s easy. If you do all of your work through browsers and you don’t need storage or processing power, then a Chromebook will do the job.

You’ll want a desk. Most of us already have something at home that we can adapt, but if you are buying new then consider one that can convert into a standing desk so that you're not sitting all day.

A laptop stand will sit nicely on your desk and bring the screen up to eye height without overly straining your shoulders. It also saves your video conference colleagues from looking past your chin to the ceiling.

A second screen and articulated stand is a luxury for many and essential for some. You may be able to borrow the screen from work if you are not using it at your office desk. An articulated arm will recover some space, and tidy some wires.

If you have the larger screen, then you’ll probably want a separate, larger keyboard too. And a mouse.

And what about backing up your work if you are not connected to the company network share? If your cyber policy allows it then an SSD drive can give peace of mind.

If you’ve got a few peripherals, then you may need a USB-C and/or HDMI adaptor to plug them all in.

You’ll need a comfortable chair. If you’re buying one yourself, go for a better spec that the one you have a work. Comfort and posture are everything.

Noise can be a big distraction - a door opening, the post arriving, the cat wanting its dinner, not to mention other occupants of the house. A good pair of noise-cancelling over ear headphones is a great investment and are usually comfortable enough to be worn for long periods. If you live alone, then maybe you’d prefer some big speakers to blast out a banging work-along tune or two in between video calls.

If you’ve got a cheap PC or Chromebook, then you might want to get a dedicated webcam. You’ll want to look your best. You really won’t need a separate microphone, but good quality sound is a must for some.

You don’t really need a printer, but if you’re the type of person who works better proof-reading on paper, then there are plenty of cheap options and well as those approaching office quality for a little more. Beware the cost of toner though.

If you are putting all this kit into a home electrical socket, you might want to invest in a surge protected six-socket set that also protects the usb charge points.

What about the most important purchase of all? You’ll need good coffee. Now just might be the time to treat yourself to a bean-to-cup machine. They are not as expensive as you might think.